Herkimer County

Records Management


Open at various hours, (please call ahead)

The Department of Records Management stores the inactive records of all the departments of Herkimer County's government. These records are commonly not open to the public. In order to look at any of these records, an individual must contact the department to which the records belong first.

The Records Management Department also maintains an Archival Section of Herkimer County government records dating back to the County's founding in 1791. Due to a fire which burned down the County Clerk's Office in 1804, early records are scanty. The Archival Section contains old school records, oaths of office and appointments, maps, some court records, original Board of Supervisors Proceedings, immigration and naturalization records and other miscellaneous material. A publication listing the contents of the Archival Section is available.

Note: Records Management and the County Clerk's Office do NOT keep birth, death or marriage records. In New York State such vital records are kept bye the clerk of the town or village where the birth, death or marriage took place. It was not mandatory for towns and villages to keep such records before the 1880's as well. To find such documents you must contact the local municipal hall.