Herkimer County

Office for the Aging

Kathy Fox, Director

109 Mary Street
Suite 1101
Herkimer, NY 13350

Meals on Wheels drivers needed. Monday-Friday; 2-3 hours per day; hourly rate + mileage. Please call Dave @315-867-1414


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The Herkimer County Office for the Aging (OFA) plans, funds, and delivers services to people aged 60 and older in Herkimer County.

As the authorized Area Agency on Aging, the Herkimer County Office for the Aging receives funds from donations, the federal government, NYS Office for the Aging and Herkimer County.

Our Goal; to help senior citizens remain in their homes, independently, for as long as possible, while giving priority to those with the greatest economic and social needs as well as older individuals at risk for institutional placement.

Our mission; to offer a wide range of supportive services with respect and dignity for the senior citizen population and their families.



The programs that we provide to seniors citizens are vitally important to them being able to maintain their independence.  If anyone would like to donate to any of the programs that the Office for the Aging provides, it would be greatly appreciated and would assist us in continuing our mission.


Donations can be sent to:

Herkimer County Office for the Aging
109 Mary Street Suite 1101
Herkimer, NY 13350


Make a Donation
to Meals On Wheels


Make a Donation
to Office for the Aging- Transportation, Respite, Companion Homemaker, Sharing the Spirit


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Donations can be made in someones memory or on someones behalf.  You can specify which program you would like the donate to. 






“Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day” —Sally Koch


Hours of Operation:

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm

From Memorial Day to Labor Day (summer hours)
Monday - Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm


Public Hearing & Four-Year Plan

Annual Senior Awards

Preparing and Recovering from Disasters

Caregiver Support - Caring for a Loved One

Alzheimer's Association of Central New York

Donation for Services

HEAP (Home Energy Assistance Program)

Housing Brochure (Adobe Acrobat Reader required)

Information, Referral, and Assistance

In-Home Services

Job Pool Program

Nutrition Services: Meals-on Wheels, Congregate Meals, Nutrition Education, Nutrition Counseling & Farmer Market Coupons

Regina's Recipes: A Collection

2018 "Nutirition News" Newsletter

2017 "Nutrition News" Newsletters

2016 "Nutrition News" Newsletter

2015 "Nutrition News" Newsletter

2014 "Nutrition News" Newsletter

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2003 "Nutrition News" Newsletter

NY Connects: Choices for Long Term Care in Herkimer County

Legal Aid Service


Weatherization Program

Employment & Meaningful Service Opportunities

Farmers Market Coupons

Senior Citizen Club Listing

Sharing the Spirit Newsletter

"Kin and Kids" Outreach & Support provided by the Neighborhood Center

Discharge Planning

Health Insurance Information, Counseling, & Assistance Program (HIICAP)

Assistance Applying for Medicare Savings Program

Applying for Extra Help with Medicare Prescription drug plan costs

Kathy Fox
Phone: 315-867-1121
Fax: 315-867-1448
General Questions Regarding OFA Programs
Phone: 315-867-1121
In-Home services, Job Pool, Caregiver & Respite Services
Phone: 315-867-1124
Fax: 315-867-1448
Meals-on-Wheels, Congregate Meals and Nutrition Counseling
Phone: 315-867-1204
HEAP (Home Energy Assistance Program)
Heating Assistance Program
Phone: 315-867-1195
Weatherization Referral Assistance Program
Phone: 315-867-1370
Office for the Aging
Phone: 315-867-1121
Fax: 315-867-1448
Administration on Aging (Federal Agency on Aging)
This link will take you to the federal agency on aging.
Red Cross Logo
Herkimer County HealthNet, Inc.

Among many other things, you will find the Herkimer County Human Services Directory at this site.

This free online resource helps people with Medicare and their families better understand Medicare and related health assistance programs.
A New Online Guide to Hearing Aids
This like will take you to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) web site. They have a new web site for current and potential users of hearing aids.
Alzheimers & Dementia Info
Many of these publications are free & available on-line.
Additional Alzheimers & Dementia Info
Resources available from Duke Family Support Program.
Family Caregivers Information
This link will take you to the "Next Step in Care" project and provides information to help family caregivers and health care providers to work together to help your loved one. There is information for all caregivers, info on hospital stays and hospital discharge planning, information on Rehabilitation and information on home care.
My Benefits
Check your eligibility for a range of benefits and apply for food assistance on-line.
Aging Care
A wide range of resources for caregivers.  There are informational articles as well as the ability to ask professionals questions about caregiving.
Life Insurance Settlement Association

In the 21st century, the life settlement industry has every reason to be optimistic.  Millions of Baby Boomers hold hundreds of billions of dollars of life insurance that could become life settlements.  Boomers' need for financial resources is well documented. Their life insurance policies are an important resource in meeting their retirement needs.

Consumers have a lot to gain as awareness expands.  Advisors are positive about the benefits of the life settlements option and have expressed a motivation to learn more.  As a result, The Life Insurance Settlement Association's primary goal is to educate advisors and consumers of this highly attractive option.

Herkimer County Farmers Markets
This website highlights the local farmers markets in Herkimer County.
Lifeline Discount Telephone Service is a program that allows income eligible consumers to receive a discount on basic telephone service.  Individuals qualify for Lifeline if they participate in one of a number of federal assistance programs, such as HEAP, SNAP (Food Stamps) and Medicaid, or by having an income which is at or below 135% of the federal poverty guidelines.   Additional information regarding the Lifeline program can be found on the State of New York Department of Public Service consumer.
Federal Trade Commission-Phone Scams
This link is to the Federal Trade Commission and provide additional information on phone scams.
Point of Entry (PDF - 361.2 KB)
This screening tool is designed to help you determine long term care service needs for your loved one.
Increase your independence!  You don't have to depend on someone to pick up a few things for you at the store.
Here is a list of restaurants that will deliver to your home & so help you to maintain your independence.  To all restaurants reading this, if you deliver & want to be added to this list, please contact us & let us know.
This is a directory of human services for Herkimer County.

Learn how you can save money on prescription medications with this FREE prescription card. Card now has new vision and hearing benefits that are covered by your county card.


Bill Payer Program (PDF - 32.2 KB)
This document describes a growing problem for Medicare recipients who think they have been admitted to a hospital, only to find that they were classified as outpatient and now learn that they are responsible for higher bills.
Ombudsman Program (PDF - 37.9 KB)
"Save and Heat" (DOCX - 179.7 KB)
If qualified, any of these programs will help put extra cash in your pocket which in turn, can be applied toward monthly heating costs.
Information to prevent Life Settlements Fraud