Herkimer County

2006 "Nutrition News" Newsletters

Table Of Contents:

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Soluable Fiber, including chart listing soluable fiber content of foods, Barley Mushroom Casserole, Barley Vegetable Soup, and Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.
February 2006 (PDF - 119.1 KB)
"Happy Birthday (to the Baby Boomers) and Welcome"; Ultimate Breakfast Cookie; Nutrient of the Month: Vitamin A
March 2006 (PDF - 210.2 KB)
Food for Thought (Literally)  Brain Foods, Brain Exercise & Brain Teasers!; Omega 3 Fats; Brain Exercise; Nutrient of the Month: Vitamin B
April 2006 (PDF - 301.9 KB)
Eggs. Back on the Health Food List!;  The Truth is on the Label (Food Labels & Trans Fats); Egg Custard Recipe; Basic Quiche Recipe; Vitamin of the Month: Vitamin C; Oven Baked French Toast Recipe
May 2006 (PDF - 255.9 KB)
New Beverage Guidelines (Think before your drink); White Tea; Vitamin D
June 2006 (PDF - 138.6 KB)
Polishing Up Your Green Thumb (porch gardening); Whole Wheat Pasta Vegetable Salad; Super Nutritious Vanilla Pudding Parfait; Nutrient of the month: Vitamin E
July 2006 (PDF - 362.2 KB)
Hope for the Best But Prepare for the Worst (Emergency Preparedness); Mineral of the Month: Magnesium; A Good Laugh
August 2006 (PDF - 202.7 KB)

 Losing 20 Pounds; Mineral of the Month: Potassuim

September 2006 (PDF - 196.3 KB)
Spinach Recall Alert; Food as Medicine; Pesto recipe; Vitamin of the Month - Folate
October 2006 (PDF - 244.0 KB)
Trans Fats; The Avocado, Avocado Salad, Ancient Aztec Avocado Beauty Secrets; Vitamin of the Month: B-12
November 2006 (PDF - 331.8 KB)
"This is Not Grandma's Chicken Soup"; HEAP; Mineral of the Month: Selenium; The History of Thanksgiving; My Favorite Ways to Eat Squash; Milk Alternatives
December 2006 (PDF - 195.1 KB)
New Years Again???; Mineral of the Month: Copper; A Gift for Yourself