Herkimer County

2007 "Nutrition News" Newsletters

January 2007 (PDF - 172.0 KB)
Yikes! Or Not? (cloning for food purposes); Vitamin of the Month: Niacin-Vitamin B3; Healthy Delicious (Potato) Skins; Protect Yourself in the New Year (medication errors); Summary of Nutrition Program Client Satisfaction Survey; Getting a "Move-On" in the New Year
February 2007 (PDF - 199.0 KB)

Wanted: A Really Stinky Onion; Boosting Your Immune System; Quick, Easy & Healthy Recipe (Vegetarian) ; HEAP

March 2007 (PDF - 331.3 KB)
"Are You Swelling?" (Inflammation's role in disease); Bean & Macaroni Soup
April 2007 (PDF - 182.2 KB)
More Good News About Coffee!
May 2007 (PDF - 148.0 KB)
Carbs & Diabetes; Sugar Alcohols; Making Your Own Vanilla Extract
June 2007 (PDF - 41.4 KB)
Promoting A Healthy & Happy Colon; Stay Cool; Seedless Summer; Creamy Fruity Cabbage
July 2007 (PDF - 220.0 KB)
Tis the Season For High Blood Sugar!; Cool Summertime Salad; To Cream or Not to Cream (Your Tea that is); Benefits of Tea; Farmers Market Coupon Distribution Dates & Locations
August 2007 (PDF - 273.5 KB)
Cholesterol:  The Good and the Bad
September 2007 (PDF - 169.6 KB)
Restless Leg Syndrome; Raisin Bran Muffins; HEAP
October 2007 (PDF - 270.7 KB)
Vitamin D; Frozen Blueberries; Gallbladder Disease; HEAP; a couple of quotes
November 2007 (PDF - 278.8 KB)
Beware!! The Holiday Season is Upon Us; Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors; Easy Cranberry Relish