Herkimer County

2008 "Nutrition News" Newsletters

January 2008 (PDF - 282.4 KB)
A New Start for the New Year; Going Whole Grain; Fuel Bill Woes - HEAP
February 2008 (PDF - 210.4 KB)
"Keeping your Groove Going!" ("If you have been neglecting your exercise then today is your day to start marching one minute at a time."  Regina);  Echinacea; Fruits & Vegetables; Fruit Compote.
March 2008 (PDF - 163.0 KB)
"Going Natural" ("The use of herbs, both medicinally and for cooking, is as old as mankind. My criticism is that we don't utilize them enough." Regina); Chamomile;  Rooibos
April 2008 (PDF - 130.4 KB)
History Repeats Itself; Poor Man's Cake; Aunt Agnes' Irish Brown Bread; Poor Man's Pecan Pie
May 2008 (PDF - 417.6 KB)
How Does Your Garden Grow?; Congregate Dining (A good meal, good company, and a very reasonable donation); Handwashing (The importance of); and Bacteria Around Us (see what bacteria Regina cultivated from common items)
June 2008 (PDF - 252.8 KB)
Berry, Berry Nutritious & Delicious; Grilling for Women; Tri Colored Pasta Salad; Dangers of Grilling
July 2008 (PDF - 279.7 KB)
Bread...What's in a Slice?; Diet and Arthritis; Ronni's Favorite Gelatin Salad; Other Gelatin Salads
August 2008 (PDF - 213.7 KB)
"Getting Back to the Old Days", Food Proverbs, Reaping the Benefits of Gardening, TVP (texturized Vegetable Protein also called Texturized Soy Protein (TSP), Recipe: Bean, Veg & TVP Soup. 
September 2008 (PDF - 207.9 KB)
Fun in the Fall...Hard Cider;  The Apple;  Recipes: Apple Cake, Apple Muffin; Easy Chunky Apple Sauce;  Food Proverb of the Day
October 2008 (PDF - 358.7 KB)
"Clean out!" (cleaning out old food), Juice Boxes, Cider Up-date, Elderberries, Elderberry Jelly Muffins, 2008 Flu Shot Clinics
November 2008 (PDF - 218.9 KB)
"It is Done" (hard cider making follow-up); Summary of nutrition of different foods; Recipe: Holiday Reduced Guilt Pie; HEAP = Help with your fuel bill.
December 2008 (PDF - 164.9 KB)
Easy Snacking; Healthy Choices (frozen meals from the grocery store); Holiday Gift Ideas; Recipes:  Eggless Nog & Egg Substitute Nog.