Herkimer County

2009 "Nutrition News" Newsletter

January 2009 (PDF - 325.0 KB)
Happy New Year; Gratitude Attitude; De-Stressing; Gratitude; Vitamin D; Osteoporosis; Bone Health Word Search; HEAP; Thank You (for your donations & love notes)
February 2009 (PDF - 195.4 KB)
Dehydration in the winter;  Metabolic Syndrome; Curry; Easy Vegetable Rice Curry; Did You Know? (canceling your meal when you will not be home & donations)
March 2009 (PDF - 195.4 KB)
On a Personal Note; Amish Oatmeal Recipe & discussion; Natural Health; Bean & Vegetable Vegetarian Burger; Olive Oil Based mayonnaise; It's Not Too Late to Apply for HEAP
April 2009 (PDF - 141.6 KB)
The Taste of Smoke (liquid smoke); Handy Tip for liquid smoke; Recipes using liquid smoke: grilled eggplant, and split pea soup; New Orleans Style Red Beans & Rice; Modified recipe for Holiday Reduced-Guilt Pie.
May 2009 (PUB - 282.5 KB)
Hypertension;  Easy, Delicious, Nutritious Stuffed Mushrooms
June 2009 Issue (PDF - 117.9 KB)
Constipation: fluids, fiber, exercise & medications.
July 2009 issue (PDF - 206.4 KB)
Cancer; Let's talk prevention; The lifestyle that promotes the desired outcome; Food Reference Table; Exercise; Sugar Free Oatmeal Cookie Recipe; Farmer Market Coupon Distribution.
August 2009 (PDF - 161.4 KB)
Blood Building Nutrition; Yogurt; Tzatziki Sauce; Regina's Recipes: A Collection
September 2009 (PDF - 146.0 KB)
Corn; Corn Muffin Recipe; Emergency Preparedness; HEAP
October 2009 (PDF - 129.3 KB)
Potassium; Portion Distortion; Counting Steps; Breakfast Loaf
November 2009 (PDF - 172.3 KB)
To Eat or Not to Eat...Meat; Fast/Easy Vegetable Soup; Winter Thoughts; HEAP = Help with Your Fuel Bill
December 2009 (PDF - 142.5 KB)
Making Moderation the Theme for this Season; Self-Assessment