Herkimer County

2010 "Nutrition News" Newsletter

January 2010 issue (PDF - 131.1 KB)
Happy New Year Resolutions; Vitamin D; Hydration for Winter Skin; Easiest Quick Bread/Muffin Recipe
Controlling Diabetes; Labs; Understanding the risks of diabetes; The Diabetic diet; How to count carbs; Finding info for carb content of foods; Treating the lows of blood sugar.
March 2010 (PDF - 196.3 KB)
Did You Know... (fun food facts); Stop & Smell... the sense of smell;  Whole Fruit - The Apple: From the Tree to A Glass
April 2010 (PDF - 131.2 KB)
Happy New Year in April? (New Year Resolutions); Metamucil versus Benefiber; Baked Prune French Toast; Baked Prune Bread Pudding; Prune Whip Recipe
May 2010 (PDF - 234.2 KB)
High Fructose Corn Syrup; Farmers Markets
June 2010 (PDF - 218.0 KB)
Pudding; Brown Rice or Pearl Barley Pudding; Farmers Market Coupons
July 2010 Issue (PDF - 217.7 KB)
"Going Green" (blender shakes with fruits & veggies); Gall Bladder Attack; Visit local Farmers Markets
August 2010 issue (PDF - 136.9 KB)
Philosophically Speaking; Flakey Bisquit Cheese Danish; Staying Healthy With Adequate Fluids
December 2010 (PDF - 225.7 KB)
The Holidays Have Begun; Cooking for One