Herkimer County

2011 "Nutrition News" Newsletter

January 2011 (PDF - 149.5 KB)
Does Your Fridge Pass the Smell Test;  Food Safety Temperature Chart; A Special Note About Leftovers
February 2011 (PDF - 228.2 KB)
Move Over Noodles (Quinoa); Tabouli Salad; Jokes
March 2011 (PDF - 167.5 KB)
Nutrition and $$ Savings; good Nutrition Without Breaking the Bank; Oatmeal Breakfast
April 2011 (PDF - 164.7 KB)
Unloading Winter Layers (health & exercise); What is in my food? (food preservaties & additives); joke.
May 2011 (PDF - 245.7 KB)

I think winter is over

Garbage Slaw

Turbo charged antioxidants

To Sun or Not To Sun

June 2011 (PDF - 246.8 KB)
Whole Grain Corn; Corn Muffin Recipe; Staying Healthy with Adequate Fluids
July 2011 (PDF - 168.7 KB)
Out with the Pyramid, In with the Plate; Eat Well to Age Well; Roasted Kale
August 2011 (PDF - 314.1 KB)
Refeshing Cumcumber Water; Swiss Chard; Pasta with Chard; Green Soup; Warfarin; and Farmers Markets
September 2011 (PDF - 136.3 KB)
Apoptosis; Going Raw; HC Public Health 2011 Adult Flu Clinic Schedule
October 2011 (PDF - 192.6 KB)
Food Safety Part I; NYS Apples; Sweet Potatoes Reciepes
November 2011 (PDF - 195.4 KB)
Baked Acorn Squash; Food Safety Part II; Roasted Fall Vegetables; What are nutrient dense food?; Creamy Banana Walnut Oatmeal
December 2011 (PUB - 255.0 KB)
Traditional Holiday Foods; Holiday Eating; Nutrition in the Kitchen; Holiday Recipe