Herkimer County

2004 "Nutrition News" Newsletter

January 2004 (PDF - 352.9 KB)

Meal Site Stories; The Dangers of Plastics; Spice of the Month: Cinnamon; A Good Joke

February 2004 (PDF - 561.0 KB)
Bad Fat-Bad Fat-Bad Fat-Good Fat-Good Fat; Fat Map; Spice of the Month: Coriander
March 2004 (PDF - 529.4 KB)
Take Once Daily (ORAC); Reality & Food Folklore; Oatmeal; A Yogurt Experience; ORAC Scores
April 2004 (PDF - 428.7 KB)
Vitamin D: The Sunshine Vitamin; Food Sources of Vitamin D; List of Auto Immune Diseases; Blood Cancer: Disease on the Rise?; Spinach, Mushroom, Onion Soup
May 2004 (PDF - 276.9 KB)
From Regina...(more on ORAC); Hummus: The Grown Up Spread; Hummus Recipe; Nutritional Breakdown of Hummus Recipe; Getting the Most ORAC Out of Your Tea; Peppers: From Paprika to Cayenne; Top Food Picks
June 2004 (PDF - 373.1 KB)
Spicy Update (Red Pepper Flakes); A Ton of Bricks (The Disease Process, for many of us, is preventable); GERD; Lower Esophageal Stricture
July 2004 (PDF - 806.4 KB)
The Human Experiment Continues (More on Red Pepper Flakes); It's All in the Dark...Chocolate; Living Longer, the Okinawa Way; The Final Word; Have You Seen the Crystal Light Commercial?; Farmers Markets; On the Soft Side; WWII Vet Bus Trip Lottery
August 2004 (PDF - 357.5 KB)
In Conclusion (I don't think mosquitoes like red pepper!); New Numbers to Know - Sodium, LDL, Blood Sugar; Sodium Content of Various Foods
September 2004 (PDF - 684.8 KB)
More Meal Site Stories (pork); The Diabetic Diet; Vitamin D; Sweet Potato Souffle; Headline News (Often the headline & even the first few paragraphs can be very misleading); Carrot Raisin Coleslaw.
October 2004 (PDF - 477.8 KB)
Diet & Cancer; Navigating a New Prescription; Broccoli: Cooking Method Really Matters; Vegetarian Chili; It's All About Color (Veggies & fruits)
November 2004 (PDF - 239.0 KB)
Acorn Squash with Wild Rice, Cranberries, Walnuts & Ground Turkey Breast; Heart Disease
December 2004 (PDF - 450.5 KB)
Potassium; Peanut Butter Silk Pie; HEAP