Herkimer County

2014 "Nutrition News" Newsletter

January 2014 (PDF - 196.4 KB)
Brain Health
February 2014 (PDF - 211.4 KB)
Heart Health
March 2014 (PDF - 266.1 KB)
Exercise & Physical Activity; Simple Ways to add 2000 steps; My Plate; Exercise & fall prevention; Could you be at risk for diabetes?
April 2014 (PDF - 214.2 KB)
Chronic Health Conditions; Arthritis; Anti-inflammatory Diet; Caregiver Relief
May 2014 (PDF - 201.2 KB)
Blood Pressure
June 2014 (PDF - 277.3 KB)
Nutrition; Healthful Eating as We Age; My Plate Recommendations / Quiz; Answers and explanations; Step Up to Stop Falls Exercise Daily
July 2014 (PDF - 254.1 KB)
Speaking with your Physician; Medication and Side effects; Disease Prevention and Calcium intake; Step Up to Stop Falls Know your Medicines
August 2014 (PDF - 203.2 KB)
Depression and Eating; Risk Factors for Depression; Mood Boosting Foods and Supplements; Tips to Combat Depression
September 2014 (PDF - 268.9 KB)
Immunizations; The Flu Clinic; Vitamin C and the Common Cold; End of Summer Peach Coffee Cake; Immunization Assistance Program
October 2014 (PDF - 255.5 KB)
Cancer Screenings; Breast Cancer; Rectal/Colon Cancer; Treatment and side effects
November 2014 (PDF - 244.4 KB)
Diabetes; Risk Factors and Symptoms; Treatment Options and Carb Counting; Diabetic Recipes
December 2014 (PDF - 216.6 KB)
Medication Management; Common Medication Complications; Cancer Treatments; Financial Assistant for Medication; Heap