Herkimer County

2003 "Nutrition News" Newsletter

January 2003 (PDF - 1.3 MB)
The Year In Review; The Topic of Weight; Nutritional Guidelines; Eat Well, Conserve Energy; Pre-Diabetes; Drug Nutrient Interaction; Outrageous Oatmeal; Friendship
February 2003 (PDF - 319.9 KB)
Coffee; Ask the Dietitian...(difference between wild salmon & farm raised salmon)
March 2003 (PDF - 387.3 KB)
The NEW Food Guide Pyramid; Bean & Macaroni Soup; Vegetarian Chili; Ask the Dietition (cholesterol lowering)
April 2003 (PDF - 857.8 KB)
Solving the Mystery of Whole Grains; Whole Grain Bread Survey; Whole Grain Cereal Survey; Whole Grain Pasta Survey; Wheat Berries; Wheat Berry Waldorf Salad; Ask the Dietitian (Nuts & seeds and heart health)
May 2003 (PDF - 321.1 KB)
Longevity; Nutrition for Eye Health; Bilberry;Eyebright; Lutein; Ask the Dietitian (Sources of potassium besides bananas)
June 2003 (PDF - 733.6 KB)
Is Your Diet the Cause or the Cure?;  Wonderful Summertime Spread; Yogurt & Probiotics; Medication Management Project; How to Avoid Medication Errors; Farmers Markets
July 2003 (PDF - 521.3 KB)
Golden in the Golden Years; Meditarian Diet; Easy Red Beans & Rice; Low Fat Dairy & Weight Loss; Yogurt Smoothie
August 2003 (PDF - 376.2 KB)
New Labeling Law; Oleo From the Beginning; Trans Fatty Acids; Trans Fatty Acid Free Margarine/Spreads; About Bones; Calcium Content of Selected Foods; Pizza Is Now An Official Health Food
September 2003 (PDF - 312.6 KB)
TGIF (Thank God It's Fall); Ham, Bean & Macaroni Soup; Portfolio Diet; Sample Meal Plan for the Portfolio Diet; Honey Sauteed Vegetables; Baked Apples
October 2003 (PDF - 369.5 KB)
Creating Healthy Foods; Healthy Apple Pie; Autumn Harvest Soup; Fiber; Reminder; Public Hearing
November 2003 (PDF - 236.3 KB)
They're Back (the holidays); Maple Walnut Yogurt Cheese; Yogurt Cheescake
December 2003 (PDF - 431.1 KB)
The Year in Review; Move Over Margarine, Here Comes Enova; Seasonal Affective Disorder; Meals on Wheels; HEAP