Herkimer County

2005 "Nutrition News" Newsletters

January 2005 (PDF - 160.8 KB)

About Vinegar

February 2005 (PDF - 179.3 KB)
Pomegranate Juice; Philosophy (Let thy food be your medicine and medicine be thy food. Hippocrates 460 BC- 357 BC); Bruising
March 2005 (PDF - 473.9 KB)
Let's Talk (need for a multi-vitamin); Alzheimers Disease
April 2005 (PDF - 355.2 KB)
Regina's thoughts (quest to modify recipes to make them super healthy, eggs); Apple Raisin Bread Pudding; Low Fat Cheesy Cream of Broccoli Soup; Donations; Caregiver Training.
May 2005 (PDF - 466.2 KB)
Sodium; Gazpacho; Sodium Reference Chart; Donations; Attention Caregivers
June 2005 (PDF - 144.5 KB)
Juicing; Kitchen Chemistry-Calcium; Medicare Part D
July 2005 (PDF - 310.5 KB)
The Glycemic Index Diet; Medicare Part D
August 2005 (PDF - 228.1 KB)
Summer; Toss the Sponge; More Calcium Chemistry in the Kitchen; Easy Chili; More Summer Cooking Ideas
September 2005 (PDF - 282.0 KB)
Coffee as a Health Food??? Yikes!; Magnificant Mushrooms; Spinach & Stuffing Stuffed Mushrooms; Mushrooms 101
October 2005 (PDF - 398.4 KB)
When Times Get Tough;  No Fail Cream Sauce; Wedding Day Soup; HEAP = Help With the Fuel Bill
November 2005 (PDF - 380.4 KB)
Nutrition in the News; Safe Cooking Temps; Thoughts; Sweet Potato Pie; HEAP = Help With the Fuel Bill
December 2005 (PDF - 133.6 KB)
Avoiding Seasonal Affective Disorder; Gift Ideas for You; Herbal Teas; What to do with 2-pounds of Ground Beef; Cinnamon Apple Sauce Muffins; HEAP = Help With the Fuel Bill; Granny's Best Raisin Bread Pudding