Herkimer County

Correction Officer Physical Fitness Standards


Elements of the test battery to be used for physical fitness screening are

described below.  Although these elements may not be directly representative

of essential job functions to be performed by an entry-level correction officer,

such elements do measure the candidate’s physiological capacity to learn

and perform the essential job functions.  The minimum scores for employment

as an entry-level correction officer as set forth below represent the 40th

percentile of fitness.  If a candidate does not successfully score to the

required percentile of fitness for each of the elements of the test battery,

the candidate shall not be deemed to have successfully completed the

physical fitness-screening test.  Nothing herein shall preclude an

administrator of such screening test from substituting an element

of the test battery, which such administrator has determined and

validated to accurately assess the candidate’s physiological capacity

to learn and perform essential job functions.  The 90-yard run shall

only be administered to such individuals who have successfully

completed each of the other three elements of the test battery

(sit-up, vertical jump and push-up).

A candidate must compete in and qualify in all four events to be determined

as having passed this test.  The test must be administered in the following

sequence.  Failure in one event will prohibit further testing.

Sit-up   Muscular endurance (core body)

The score indicated below is the number of bent-leg sit-ups performed in one minute.

Vertical Jump   Jumping or Explosive Power

The score indicated below is calculated in inches.

Push-Up  Muscular endurance (upper body)

The score below is the maximum number of full body repetitions that

a candidate must complete without breaks in one minute.

90 Yard Run   Speed

The score indicated below is calculated in seconds. 

This score represents a maximum time allowance for all candidates,

but is subject to change pending ongoing validation studies.




AGE            SIT-UP         JUMP              PUSH-UP       90-YARD RUN              


20-29             38              20.0                  29                   24.5

30-39             35              18.6                  24                   24.5

40-49             29              15.5                  18                   24.5

50-59             24              13.5                  13                   24.5


20-29             32              14.0                  15                   24.5

30-39             25              12.0                  11                   24.5

40-49             20                9.6                    9                   24.5

50-59             14                9.6                    9                   24.5