Herkimer County


ANTICIPATED (future) Civil Service Examinations
This is a TENTATIVE schedule, subject to change; you cannot apply for an exam until 
it is officially announced under "Examinations - CURRENTLY ANNOUNCED", usually 80 days before the exam date.
Below are examinations that we anticipate holding in the future (with projected exam date). 
Only money orders or exact cash if filing in person will be 
accepted as payment for filing application for civil service exams.
Personal checks will NOT be accepted.
Refer to exam announcement for required filing fee. 


Cell phones, pagers, headphones, or any electronic or other

communication devices are PROHIBITED from the exam site

on the day of testing. 

Assistant Behavior Specialist 

Building Maintenance Mechanic 

Computer Operator

Computer Programmer 

Deputy Director of Emergency Services 

Director of Weights and Measures

Employment Specialist 

Housing Assistance Representative 


Natural Resource Conservation Technician

Police Officer 

Recording Clerk 

Senior Account Clerk

Senior Family Services Specialist 

Supervisor, Programs for Children with Special Needs 

Water Meter Serviceperson

Water Plant Attendent

Water Distribution System Operator