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Animal Abuse Registry

The State of New York has criminalized the cruel treatment of animals. However, animal abuse and cruelty continues to occur in Herkimer County and throughout New York State.

Requiring animal abusers to register with their law enforcement agency will provide members of the community, particularly animal shelters and pet sellers, with the identities of convicted animal abusers. The registry will also warn potential employers that may be looking to hire an individual to work closely with animals in pet shops, shelters, or veterinary offices.

The Herkimer County Legislature hereby finds that it is in the best interest of the residents of Herkimer County and their animals that an online registry be established identifying individuals residing in Herkimer County who have been convicted of animal abuse crimes in order to prevent these individuals from adopting, purchasing or otherwise obtaining animals from any animal shelter or pet seller.


*** Find more information in the Documents section below.

Animal Abuse Registry: 

  Name Date of Birth Address Conviction / Sentence Date of Registration
Marie Elena Sergi 06/20/1983 780 Forks Rd. West Winfield NY, 13491 Animal Cruelty w/ conditional 09/14/2023

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