Probation Department


To help transform behavior of those individuals involved with the criminal justice system into being productive and responsible members of the community.  To help make Herkimer County a safe place to live/work/visit. 
The mission of The Herkimer County Probation Department is to help ensure the safety of the residents of Herkimer County by providing community-based supervision and rehabilitation of individuals through a multi-disciplinary approach. Our Department is responsible for preparing investigations for courts, enforcing Court Orders, protecting the integrity of victims’ rights and working collaboratively with the various law enforcement agencies in our county to reduce crime.  We extend a continuum of integrated services to address individuals’ criminogenic needs and empower them to become productive law-abiding citizens.  Protection of the community is our most important priority and that mandated intervention is the most effective model to use in a community corrections environment.  
As Probation Officers, we serve a dual role of community/societal protection and individual assistance.  Our protective role entails community supervision of individuals and investigation of those involved in court proceedings prior to disposition. In the societal role, we provide services to deal with family and community disputes as well as monitor individuals while attempting to integrate them into a law-abiding society.  We aid individuals (both juvenile and adult) in identifying and resolving the problems contributing to their negative behavior(s).  We provide a cost-effective alternative to incarceration.  Our investigative role requires assessment of each case in a fair, objective manner in order to arrive at an appropriate depositional recommendation.